LaRC’s Mission 

recycling and larc symbolLocated in the ecologically sensitive Chesapeake Bay watershed, NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) is committed to fulfilling our mission in a manner that promotes environmental stewardship, sustainability, and continual improvement, while mitigating environmentally driven mission risks.

It is LaRC policy to protect and enhance the quality of the environment through compliance with Federal, State, and local regulatory authorities; Executive Orders; and NASA and LaRC policies and directives.

About Us

The LaRC Environmental and Energy Program is managed by the Standard Practice and Environmental Engineering Branch (SPEEB) within the Center Operations Directorate (COD).

Environmental staff are responsible for LaRC’s environmental compliance, management, sustainability programs. These responsibilities include coordination and integration of all environmental programs, interpreting environmental regulations as they apply to LaRC’s activities, providing guidance on regulatory requirements, acting as the formal point of contact with all environmental regulation agencies, development assistance and review of environmental permits, remediation of contaminated sites, cease and desist authority for all polluting activities, and compliance monitoring and surveillance.

Environmental staff are also responsible for the management of LaRC’s Energy and Water Conservation Program, which provides the focus to achieve energy efficiency and water reduction goals while improving the Center’s facilities, reducing utility costs, and increasing employee awareness. Environmental staff assist LaRC in pursuing and implementing cost-effective energy efficiency and water conservation practices.

The Standard Practice and Environmental Engineering Branch can be reached at 864-3500, or visit our Program Contacts page for specific points of contact by environmental media area.

Supporting NASA’s Missions

Environmental Management, a cross-cutting management strategy of the NASA Strategic Plan, supports NASA’s missions, protects mission resources, and mitigates environmentally driven mission risks while maintaining environmental stewardship of assets, controls over environmental responsibilities, and compliance with applicable legal and other requirements. In implementing these principles, LaRC strives to:

  • Provide direct mission support by implementing environmental planning elements into the LaRC master plan and in the earliest stages of program and project planning.
  • Implement proactive measures to reduce NASA’s exposure to environmental, institutional, programmatic, and operational risks.
  • Pursue environmental initiatives and objectives designed to restore, protect, and enhance mission resources.
  • Commit to prevention of pollution and continual improvement of the NASA environmental program.
  • Execute NASA’s mission without compromising the planet’s resources so that future generations can meet their needs.

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*LaRC Personnel: REPORT any suspected water pollution